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Pix Of Cool Breeze
  • I'm Free (467K MP3 file segment)
  • Cool Breeze (456K MP3 file segment)
  • Green Summer Samba (545K MP3 file segment)
  • Sunday Driver (467K MP3 file segment)
  • Nice & Easy (418K MP3 file segment)
  • American Merengue (534K MP3 file segment)
  • Bastard (768K MP3 file segment)
  • My Hope (467K MP3 file segment)
  • Herbal Essence Shampoo (467K MP3 file segment)
  • Mvmt. 4 (387K MP3 file segment)
  • All songs on this album were composed, copyrighted © 1989,
    and performed by Alfred Henry Willen Jr.
    All rights reserved.

    This compilation album is for non-commercial demonstration purposes only. It was composed, copyrighted and performed by various recording artists. Additional Alto/Soprano Saxophone performances and remix enginnering were done by Al Willen. Pix Of Under The Covers

    COMING SOON: Al Willen's "Under The Covers, 2" ... and the debut CD by a band destined to become a legend: Grey Tide!

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